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  • Having Bachelor of Disaster Management.
  • Recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE).
  • Unlike other higher education institutes in Afghanistan, Sharq is a nonprofit entity which is established with the sole purpose to provide contemporary education cost-effectively as well as efficiently.
  • CEN/ CoAR being the parent organization has pledged to not only offer a platform to the students for practical work but also job placement to the outstanding students in its dozens of associated NGO’s and other organizations.
  • Sharq offers free English language programs to its students in order to enhance their communication skills apart from professional degrees.
  • Our programs such as Disaster Management prepare students not only for managerial roles but also for practically participating in the rescue of the fellow countrymen in times of needs.
  • Sharq accommodates limited number of students so that an inspiring and exceptional learning environment is endowed.
  • Sharq is the only private Institute of higher education which offers bachelor in disaster management
  • Sharq arranges Free study tours for its students
  • Emphasis on discipline and character-building
  • Free internet facilities