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Narrative Report of 2018 Sharq Graduation Party

Narrative Report of 2018 Sharq Graduation Party

The Graduation Party was held at 09:00 A.M. —02:00 P.M, Saturday, April 7, 2018 in Khalij Hall, Kabul, Afghanistan. First of all, the graduation party was commenced by reciting some verses of the Holy Quran. Secondly, the graduated students and the chief guests and the lecturers of Sharq Institute of Higher Education were invited to take their seats in the hall. Following the lecturers, graduated students and chief guests, and overall participants, all the participants in the party stood for playing the National Anthem of Afghanistan.

At the beginning of convocation, Dr. Muhammad Naeem Salimee, the chancellor of Sharq Institute of Higher Education delivered a fruitful speech to the graduated students and participants. His message is narrated in the following section of this report.

Chancellor of Sharq Institute of Higher Education, Dr. Muhammad Naeem Salimee’s Speech

“In the name of Allah Almighty; I would like to welcome Dr. Kamal Saadat the Deputy Minister in Youth affairs from the Ministry of Culture and Information, the ANDMA and World Bank representatives and all the guests here in the hall. I would like to congratulate all the students who are celebrating their graduation in this convocation party.”

dsc_8751“It was my long-term dream to participate in such a graduation party– it is a huge success. We could not have achieved the success without the involvement of all the participators present here in this party. The participators here are not here to be only audiences, but I would like to clearly say that it was you who facilitated today’s success.”

“There has been unprecedented progress and development taking place in the world; I would like to share some information from a United Nation agency UNDP report which has recently been published. The report suggests that life expectancy and overall income of the people in developing countries have dramatically increased, as 4 out of 5 people can read and write in the mentioned countries. Additionally, the income of people has increased 3 times during the past 25 years in developing countries, so the gap between rich and poor is shrinking day after day. What counts amazing is the speed of progress in these countries; the speed is 4.6 percent faster of developing countries in comparison with developed nations.”

“Dear students, you are living in a completely different situation and the situation is fraught with challenges. As a citizen of this country, I have many experiences and my experiences suggest that you should not be only seeking convenience and prosperity. You should not be expecting to be bosses and have many subordinators, but you should have compassion and a sense of sympathy if how you can be at the service of war-ravaged people of your country.”

“Dear students, you have studied for four years in situation which has always been challenging–  after so many difficulties today you are celebrating one of the most important events of your life—graduation! Today, you are about to receive the valuable documents of successfully completing the undergraduate program at Sharq Institute of Higher Education; you have the right to celebrate it with joy and thrill.”

“Your graduation party reminds me the time when we were thinking to be at the service of people not only other sectors in CoAR but also in education sector as well. At the end I would like to thank all people who have contributed in today’s success such as Khuda Bakhsh who is always cleaning the building and is at your service—also the guards who contribute in securing you and I would like to thank all the parents who have contributed in sending their kids to study and achieve one of the basic goals and finally I would like to recommend that you dear students should in contact with one another and do not forget each other. I would like to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart and may Allah bring eternal peace in our country.”


Zainullah Safi, the Vice Chancellor in Academic Affairs of the institute was the second person to have delivered the speech. He welcomed and congratulated all the participants for the event. His speech address is as following:

Zainullah Safi’s Speech

I would like welcome the Chancellor of Sharq Institute of Higher Education, his Excellency Dr. Mohammad Naeem ‘Salimee’; Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs, Dr. Kamal Saadat from the Ministry of Information and Culture —also, I would like to welcome and thank representatives from ANDMA, World Bank and private sectors to the 2018 Convocation Ceremony of Sharq Institute of Higher Education. I would also like to welcome lecturers, students and their families; staff of Sharq Institute of Higher Education and all the respectable guests to graduation party.

Hopefully, today Sharq Institute of Higher Education is graduating 304 students from Bachelor’s in Disaster Management, Computer Science and Bachelor’s in Business Administration bachelor disciplines. I am expressing my heartfelt thanks to the founder of the institute and all the lecturers and staff for their genuine efforts and services in facilitating quality education to the energetic young generation.dsc_8749

It is my pleasure to thank all the families who contributed and allowed their family members to study to study at Sharq Institute of Higher Education in very tough and security-wise critical situation of Afghanistan. The newly undergraduate students will definitely contribute in bringing prosperity in their families, society and their hometown.

Dear graduate students, although you have taken a fruitful step in acquiring education, yet it is not enough. More needs to be done in order to gain perfection in terms acquiring education. You are supposed to opt for graduate and post-graduate programs of master’s and PhD. Twenty first century requires extensive quality education and professionalism in order to compete in the globalized world.

In order to achieve your further education, Sharq Institute of Higher Education which has been found in 2012 will facilitate opportunities to acquire further education and gain better perfection.

During the past 6 years, Sharq Institute of Higher Education has been deeply involved in contributing and facilitating services; some of them are mentioned below:


Sharq Institute of Higher Education has formulated the most standard curriculum. The curriculum is based on market demand and 21 century requirement. What counts important is English Language, as medium of instruction at the institute.

Professional Cadres

Sharq Institute of Higher Education is proud to have professional cadres ranging from graduate to post-graduate lecturers.

Academic Environment

Students, both male and female study based on Afghan Cultural principles in peaceful, harmonious and elegant academic environment.

Future Plans

Fundamental efforts are being taken place at Sharq Institute of Higher Education to impart much more quality education to Afghan citizens so, authorities at Sharq Institute of Higher Education are trying to improve the quality in education and to upgrade the institute to university level.

Thanks for your attention and congratulations again!

ANDMA representative was also among the chief guest to deliver his fruitful speech in the graduation party. Some important points of his speech are as following:

Speech of ANDMA Representative

First and foremost, the ANDMA representative welcomed all the guest and participants at the graduation party and recalled a hadith on importance of knowledge “Those who know and do not know are not equal.”

He emphasized that it is important to have a sense of self-recognition first and next,  to have recognition of Allah Almighty. He also added that Allah Almighty has created human beings to live and build the world

The ANDMA representative reminded the students that being a bachelor is not enough and students have make a lot of effort to gain perfection and their undergraduate program is the initial step in terms of approaching to perfection and success.

Furthermore, he emphasized the role of young generation in eliminating the stigma of corruption in Afghanistan and insisted the students to be very honest in whatever they do, so it will contribute great in eliminating corruption in the country.

The representative also recommended the students to set great goals in order to be great in the future. He further emphasized on learning English Language as tool of gaining knowledge and transformation and besides insisting on learning English, he encouraged the students to be curious in gaining perfection in terms of learning management. He said that students should do their best to learn about management by taking more study courses in the mentioned field.

The ANDMA representative also elaborated the difficulty in seeking job for new graduates—he said that the problem is general and it is not your fault but it because there are too many people involved and different administrations can provide you with new jobs immediately, so the students have to be very patient in this regard. He further elaborated that there is dire need for people to have expertise in disaster management and environmental protection. Finally, he thanked all the participants, particularly parents in the graduation party.


The next guest of ceremony was Dr. Kamal Saadat who is the deputy minister of youth affairs in the ministry of Culture and Information. He briefly spoke about the role of mothers in educating their offspring.  He credited all the mothers for the achievement and further elaborated that young people can play significant role in bringing peace in Afghanistan. Finally, he congratulated all the participants from the bottom of his heart.


Dr. Saadat was followed in speech address by Khan Steel representative. The representative congratulated the guests and participants and promised that Khan Steel Company will sign an MOU with Sharq Institute of Higher Education which will facilitate job opportunity for all the graduated students of the institute.

At the final stages of the party, gifts were distributed to the high ranking official and lecturers of the institute followed by graduation certificates were distributed to the graduated students. Moreover, the oath taking ceremony was held as   the students were given Commitment Letters and the students took oath to be genuinely at the service of the people.  Hashmatullah Rohani, the Acting Vice Chancellor strongly recommended the students to be honestly at the service of their country.


The contents of the commitment Letter are as follow:

“I as a graduate student from Sharq Institute of Higher Education am committed to afraid of Allah and I will be at the service of my people and country based on Islam principles, observing the national interests of my country.”

Engineer Haleem was the last person to give the speech in the party. The core points in his speech were congratulating the newly graduated students and recommending the students to make further efforts in terms of seeking higher education and service to the nation.

Finally, the party was formally ended by Nisar Ahmad Jahid, one of the lecturers at Sharq Institute of Higher Education, recited the prayer and by  invoking Allah Almighty to bring overall propensity in Afghanistan.

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