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Narrative Report of 2018 Sharq Graduation Party

Narrative Report of 2018 Sharq Graduation Party The Graduation Party was held at 09:00 A.M. —02:00 P.M, Saturday, April 7, 2018 in Khalij Hall, Kabul, Afghanistan. First of all, the graduation party was commenced by reciting some verses of the Holy Quran. Secondly, the graduated students and the chief guests and the lecturers of Sharq […]


LIBRARY A library with an extensive variety of books in multiple disciplines is available for students. The library is equipped with local & international books. COMPUTER LABORATORIES The computer laboratories are equipped with latest computers & LCD’s for personal & academic growth of students. High speed Internet facilities are available during university hours through Wi-Fi. […]


Each course shall carry 100 marks. Students will be assessed for 40% of the marks during the semester and 60% at the end of the semester. Passing marks of each course is 55. But on average bases students should complete 60 % marks in each semester. Students must take their examination in a disciplined manner. […]


The educational process at Sharq Institute of Higher Education comprises to a large extent, on regular classes, laboratory work, in semester test and examination. Students must meet the attendance criterion in every course. Students with less than 75% attendance, in theory and practical/ laboratory work separately, of any course, shall not be allowed to participate […]


Application for admission must be submitted on the form enclosed with this prospectus. Photocopy of the form shall not be accepted. Incomplete application in any respect shall not be considered. Copies of admission application, students Identity form, Agreement form, Tazkira, 6 passport size photographs and 12 grade certificate are to be submitted to admission office. […]


There shall be two semesters in a year, each spreading over 16 weeks. At the end of each semester, two or three weeks shall be allowed for the conduction of examination and completion of results. Students wishing to register in the next semester must complete their registration within one week of the declaration of results.


Having Bachelor of Disaster Management. Recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE). Unlike other higher education institutes in Afghanistan, Sharq is a nonprofit entity which is established with the sole purpose to provide contemporary education cost-effectively as well as efficiently. CEN/ CoAR being the parent organization has pledged to not only offer a platform […]


Notes Detailed information about the programs offered and the courses referred to in this prospectus is available from the concerned department. In the event of circumstances beyond its control, the institute cannot guarantee the provision of all the schemes and services, advertised in the prospectus, therefore, it reserves the right to cancel/make any changes in […]