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Facilities and Resources

Facilities and Resources

Well-equipped Computer Laboratories

There are three well-equipped computer laboratories at Sharq Institute of Higher Education. All the laboratories which contain 60 personal computers facilitate learning, research and other relevant opportunities for all the students of our three disciplines particularly students of computer science. The computers function in three areas:

  1. Networking
  2. Database development
  3. Software engineering.


Furthermore, there spare parts of personal computer available in the laboratory where students practically use the spare parts for hardware learning.

Management Information System (MIS)

Management Information System (MIS) is a system which records and stores all the data of students which is (Students Bio data, Students finance data, examination data, MoHE data) and personnel of Sharq Institute of Higher Education.


A library with an extensive variety of books in multiple disciplines is available for students. The library is equipped with local & international books.

ACKU (Afghanistan Center at Kabul University) Digital Library:Sharq

Furthermore, Sharq Institute of Higher Education signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with ACKU (Afghanistan Center at Kabul University). ACKU is a digital library at Kabul University that provides around 30,000 e-books, e-journal and e-newspaper articles. As Sharq Institute of Higher Education has affiliation with ACKU, students of Sharq have access to information through ACKU; particularly BDM students gain the utmost benefits of the library.


To ensure uninterrupted power supply to the whole campus, the institute has its own diesel electricity generators.


A neat and clean cafeteria is available for students which provide food & beverages etc.


A masjid with a reasonable capacity is available, which provides sufficient space to offers prayers.

Qualified Faculties  

Sharq Institute of Higher Education has the honor of having highly qualified staff, particularly lecturers. The lecturers play important role in imparting high quality education.Sharq lecturers

Standard Curriculum

At the commencement of 2018, Sharq Institute of Higher Education updated and revised its curriculum according to the education law and principles of the country. The curriculum has been updated based on 21st century requirements and market demand.

Medium of Instruction

One advantage at Sharq Institute of Higher Education is standard medium of instruction. English as international language has been adopted by few private education institutions as the medium instruction; and Sharq Institute of Higher Education has the privilege to have adopted English Language as its medium of instruction. As most of the education institutions have not been able to adopt English as medium of instruction, this is considered a competitive edge an important strength for Sharq Institute of Higher Education.

Free English Diploma

Diploma in English Language Program (DEL) is a one-year program which has been designed for fulfilling the needs of students at Sharq Institute of Higher Education (SIHE). Those who are not SHIE students and wish to learn English language can also join the DEL program.

The DEL program is free of cost for first semester SIHE students, but those who are not SIHE students should pay a certain amount of money as mentioned below: