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VC Message

Vice Chancellor’s Message:

Zainullah “Safi”

An institute is the higher finishing school of learning. It helps a nation produce leaders in the fields of industry and commerce, science and technology, and arts, as well as all other disciplines of life.

A university thus has an enormous responsibility that can only be fulfilled by cultivating, nurturing and mentoring young minds, employing the best of available human and material resources.

SHARQ will continuously strive to achieve these goals, working towards nurturing students and faculty leaders. Everyone in my team strives for excellence in what they do. My invitation extends out to prospective students to be partners with the faculty and the institution in order to make this a vibrant knowledge-sharing institute.

Mr. Zainullah Safi

Mr. Zainullah Safi

These are indeed lofty ideas, but so are the dreams of all of us at Sharq Institute of Higher Education. In fact, SHARQ is fast moving towards its dreams, helped by the continued support of the government of Afghanistan and CoAR organization on one hand and the local people on the other.

Addressing parents

Finally, to all parents, I’d like to assure you that your heirs will be given as much opportunity to develop themselves into grounded Afghan adults who are socially aware, sensitive, ethical problem-solvers and highly sought after talents.

In partnership, let us provide them guidance in making decisions and taking responsibility for their own futures and the future Afghanistan.

Afghanistan’s throughout historic period is war; Afghanistan has to be shaped in a way where it fulfills the rights of its people, as well as the international community. Sharq Institute of higher education will do any effort to contribute to peace, development and accountability in order to realize the dreams of humanity.

Prof. Zainullah “Safi”

Vice Chancellor Academic