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Chancellor’s Message

Chancellor’s Message

Mr. Hashmatullah Rohani


Sharq Institute of Higher Education (SIHE) offers a world-class higher education, preparing students from Afghanistan and the region to be tomorrow’s leaders and professionals.

SIHE equips students with modern laboratories and video-conferencing facilities that support a world-class learning environment. Students also benefit from a comprehensive research facility with access to electronic databases and a thorough book collection.

Beyond academics, SIHE fosters the development of character, integrity, mutual respect, critical thinking, and a positive, growth-oriented mindset in its students. They graduate as responsible leaders with the skills to make a difference in their communities and their country’s future.


SIHE stands out as Afghanistan’s only private, non-profit university, committed to providing accessible education without regard to gender, politics, religious beliefs, family wealth, or connections. The university promotes an atmosphere of tolerance, hard work, intellectual rigor, and freedom of expression.

Hashmatullah Rohani