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Faculty of Science

Faculty of Science

the faculty of Science has established at late 1391, that offers two bachelor programs in two departments, which are Computer Science (BCS) and Disaster Management (BDM).

Computer science department prepare students to think critically, develop methods and strategies of solving computational problems, Programming, Theoretical bases of Information technology (IT) and Computer, Database and software development processes, and Designing Networks.

Disaster Management department prepare students to deal with issues of disastrous events and how effectively manage and coordinate resources. Disaster Management as a subject essentially deals with management of resources and information as far as a disastrous event is concerned and also how effectively and seamlessly one coordinates these resources. Disaster management, at the individual and organizational level, deals with issues of planning, coordinating, communication and risk management.

Mission Statement of Faculty of Science:

To offer educational opportunities to students in order to prepare them to become accomplished citizens and professionals capable of critical thinking and independent analysis of computing problems and also in environments related to disasters.

Vision statement of Faculty of Science:

To create value for students, technologies, environments and society through activities that lead to career success and the advancement of knowledge.

Cadre Members of Computer science Department:

  1. HOD Hedayatullah Lodin
  2. Abdullatif Rahmani
  3. Bilal Noori
  4. Abdul sami Amiri
  5. Abdul waris samadi
  6. Zabiullah Akbari
  7. Nooria Karimi
  8. Hasanullah Ehsan
  9. Nesar Ahmad Jahid

Cadre Members of Disaster Management Department:

  1. HOD Zabiullah Akbari
  2. Salahudin Kabir
  3. Ali Jan Akbari
  4. Fazal Rahman
  5. Alamgul Alam
  6. Hassanullah Ehsan