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Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Economics

Mission statement of faculty of economics: ( to offer educational opportunities to students in order to prepare them to become accomplished citizens and professionals capable of critical thinking and independent analysis)

Mission statement of business administration department: (to create value for students, business and society through activities that lead to career success and the advancement of knowledge)

Department invention and innovations

lecturers are requested to deliver their lectures to the below mentioned principles, which is new and innovation method of making a lecture interesting.

  1. Limit the main points in a lecture to five or fewer
  2. create effective visuals analogies, demonstrations and examples to reinforce the main points
  3. encouraging students to participate, discuss and elaborate the topic in their own way so that they  will be motivated and activated, her the lecturer will play the supervisor role
  4. share your outline with students
  5. emphasis your objective and key points in the beginning, as you get to them and as a summary at the end

Assignment and presentation

assignment are given to the students and required to present and defined the assignment in front of the class which help them a lot in their future career. thus a student’s presentation in the classroom becomes an important element in delivering positive learning experiences students and instructors agreed that critical objectives of presentations were to improve communication skill and to train student to talk to a group of people.